Inspiration Engineer


Noah has always worked tirelessly for himself, his family, and his businesses.  Having experienced firsthand the success of Jeffrey Gitomer’s training principles in Noah’s own companies, Noah has now partnered with Jeffrey to become a Gitomer-certified speaker.  He currently spends his time sharing those same lessons with corporations everywhere.

Noah is a player and a coach.  He is a student and a teacher.  Noah talks because he can walk.  Actually, Noah walks circles around his competition every day!  He has started, operated, and sold three successful small businesses.  He built a $20 Million division within a major automotive remanufacturer, and he currently leads a staff of 120 employees.  In short, Noah doesn’t preach what he doesn’t practice.

Noah is experienced, polished, and prepared to talk to YOUR business on YOUR level.  Noah presents customized corporate seminars to sales teams, customer service departments, managers, and business owners of companies big and small.  He delivers real-world strategies that audience members can immediately implement to achieve greater success.


Passionate.  Real-world.  Proven.

Noah is available for Keynotes, Workshops, or Consulting.  Please contact Michelle Joyce, The Queen of Events, for booking info at 704-926-5582.